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Common Problem Solutions

Question:What will Influence that appearance with found Porosity (pores) on the surfaces, and how to solve it?

Answer:Porosity – Is the presence of small caverns (pores) in the steel,  which will grow bigger after etching and destroy the appearance of the pattern. This condition is extremely difficult to repair (each individual cavern has to be welded, polished and the cavity re-etched), this is costly and time-consuming.


Question:How the ‘Material Line’ were happen on the surface?

Answer:Stripe metallurgical defects formed when during cooling of metal. The main characteristic is that the inhomogeneity of corrosion structure affects the chemical effect. It is difficult to preventing and corrected. We suggest should do the heat treatment on the surface before grains. It is also possible to improve by using different chemical etching process.


Question:Mould surface needs to be welded, caused by part modification. After welded, what will influence of the texture surfaces?

Answer:The improper welding treatment will lead to weld marks on the surface. Because of the temperature on welding part will rise up and the steel will be softened locally, which is lead to the inconsistency of the hardness of the steel or the change of the structure on the surfaces. The texture effect in the etching process will be different. It depending on the seriousness of the problem, We are suggest; do the Heat treatment on the surface, use the same material rods to welding or falling surface of the mould can be considered.